A Saviour

~ If there is such a thing as a saviour in the world.
I have a question to ask and please give me your word.

All I ask is the truth.
Give me some proof!

That you'd listen to all I have to say.
Whether you agree with me or not.

Don't let me forget.
Or let me stray,
From who I really am.

Would you save me from everything in this world?
All the pain and the sadness?

I wonder if I'll be heard?
From this place of madness.

I want to reach out to you.
I wanted to be true.

I wanted you to save me.
But I wonder if it can be.

Could you save me from myself?
Would you be the key to unlock oneself?

Will I ever know?
A question I've ask myself a million times.

The answer has yet to show.
Perhaps it's time for goodbyes.

I'd hate to leave,
But please believe.

I will always love you,
Through and through.

No matter how far.
If you look up and see a star.

Think of me.
I'll be there happily. ~

- Stay -

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