a scribbled life

dim sunlight, fragrant breeze
calligraphy pens, cups of
strong coffee.
I wish this was how I described myself.
but I'm more of never-ending playlists, snoozed alarms
daydreaming my worries away and scattered thoughts

loneliness is the one thing that scares me the most
how amongst all these people, blurry lives and faces
you can go unnoticed- close, yet out of reach
merely different parallels of the same universe

I pick up fragments of fantasies,
adding in a little domesticity to my fairy tales
I miss not what has gone,
but that which will forever be out of reach
memories that aren’t mine to keep,
the road not taken- yet another mystery

I feel like there’s far too much left to do
awaited checks on endless bucket lists
pathways across the globe, constellations to see
and so many places to be
mornings shadow nightfall in disguise
I hope the sun doesn’t set before I open my eyes.

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