A Seal Upon Our Hearts

A Seal Upon Our Hearts

Dawn, and the frosted morning air is crystalizing
Each floating flake - an encroaching day's care, materializing
compounding, as blanketed snow at the feet
In waves, God aid us in chastising such emotions with logical lashes
It is such a wonder to feel, it is such a burden to feel
Emotions are a swirl of hot nothingness
Emotions are the silent, beauty of sunrise
with its soft breath of hope, of surprise
Yet, on darker wings, the very same arrives
and in that hollowness - an allowance to believe in palpable lies
We tell ourselves
As we fear, and tear our souls from reason
And reason returned, to scold those inner dark voices
As we would a child
As we would then encourage our timid, cowering hearts with a mild
Embracing, whisper. Close your trembling eyes, and Whisper it even now…

All will be well. Be still my heart, and All will be well.
worry about nothing, for I will be with you till the end of days
Fear not, and let peace indwell
Feel, and yet have faith – and let that faith,
In all things, guide your ways
All is well, all is well. Sweet child, all is well

Continue to move mountains, though even in the path of pain
Continue to persevere, though seemingly futile, insane
Tell the inner soul, That all is well
My child, focus forward, close your eyes, battle no more and know
All is well. All is well. For you live under the most Divine of spells
All is well, all is well. Sweet child, all is well

You have captivated my heart, my lover, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your beautiful green eyes, as with one jewel of a necklace. For this, believe…

I am with you, and my love for you will strengthen you
I will walk beside you through this life, holding tightly to your hand. I will never leave you
Though the world rise up against us, I will protect and comfort you
When troubled, I will be your peace. Hold me closer to your heart and be still – I will be your refuge
Come to me, believe and say. “My love, my refuge and my fortress! Though the world is full of deceit, it is in you whom I choose to love and trust”

For in all these things, believe, for the hours are wicked and time is slipping away. Let us not waste another moment!

Let us Set each other as a seal upon our hearts, as a seal upon our arms, for love is strong as death and its absence, as fierce as the grave. Many waters cannot quench our love, rivers cannot wash it away, nor can floods drown it.

Let each morning bring us words of unfailing love,
for we have put our trust in each other – and to you
I have entrusted my very life.

William W. Collins

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    This Poems Story

    Verse written as call to reason, sacrifice and a request to be secure in love\'s true intention. All in context of a significantly challenged and relationship that appeared to be taking it\'s last desperate breath. The work is Heavily intertwined with spiritual phraseology and allegory.