A Second Away

It was then that her insides melted
like metal melts from a burning torch that were his words.
Or was the torch his body? How it turned away from her
at a diagonal and a degree she could not correct with hers.
Maybe it was the combination of both
that left the lump of fear in her throat; for letting go of love.
Will the words unsaid that stream through him
be what forever stays? Yet how can something return if it never was?
Her unsure hands pour over words that do not register
or keep from unraveling the way her heart has.
She is only seconds away from being swept away
into an ocean of blankets and limbs.
Where uncertainty dissipates into intricate movements
of hands and lips speak loudest.
Just another delusion emulsified
into dry and salty cheeks and quivering lips.
Her desire to fill a space that does not exist anymore.
Nonexistent in existence.
She steps away from her heart; to beat outside of her body.
It will have to occupy her once more; but that is seconds away.
It takes all she has to occupy this one.

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