A Serene Scene

The wind blows where it may on a whim
The sun rises and sets all in due time
New growth in the spring only to face the harshness of winter to come
Clouds choose to bring rain or shade
Birds, seemingly sporadic in their movements, are systematically dividing their time
Trees withstanding it all, facing centuries of life
A makeshift shelter amidst all this churning and random precision
A lean-to of fallen branches with pine bows weaved into the wood like shingles for the rain
More bows for the bedding within for comfort and warmth
Braided twine cast between two trees supporting cookwear and clothes
Both drying in the sun, clancking and flapping lightly in the breeze
Kindle and stick surrounded in a bed of ash, encompassed by a ring of stone
Ready to be lit again after the return of breakfast
Tall grasses and prairie flowers circling the site
A stream nearby where breakfast is waiting, fumbles and bubbles over smooth rocks

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