A Severe Case of Trump

Oh no, what's this, a cancerous lump
No sadly, it's worse, it's Donald J. Trump
Wait how can this be, he's all over TV
What magic can bring forth a prince from a flea

This arrogant troll claims he gives great advice
Your future, he'll secure, for a one-time low price
Starting day one he'll make right what is wrong
Point blame where it's due, cast the weak from the throng

For white wealthy men, the world's still your oyster
All others, this way to your Trump-branded cloister
He says he alone can add bread to your plate
But in Trump's brave new world, you'll live outside his gate

Should we now set aside the true values we hold
Choose pride, which sparks fires, while unity grows cold
Running left, running right, no desire to find center
This obsession to win keeps us angry and splintered

Can't we see that not divided but united we thrive
Can our morality be authentic when we let others just survive
It's quite easy to critique when you've got towers made of gold
When privilege and selfishness keeps you safe and far from cold

Wake up, boys and girls, step into the light
Trump is not a TV show you sit and watch at night
Search your heart and soul, step up, and do what's right
Election Day is near, we've one last chance to fight

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