A Shadow of Pain

She knows more of anger,
Degradation is her only memory,
Leaving her torn.
Only a flickering shadow,
Too cowardly to snuff out,
But created without mercy.
It's not real, her pain, they say,
Bitterness lays heavily upon her heart,
A capsule of spikes not heavy enough to kill,
But an omnipresent serration forever stinging,
Forever in screaming pain--
Swallowing with a smile that's never quite good enough.
It doesn't really hurt, they say,
The pain, the humiliation, the degradation,
The spirit she can't seem to mend.
It's all her illusion,
Her memories mean nothing,
The bitterness is unwarranted,
Her tears undeserving,
The bleeding should not slow her,
Rest is only for the weary.
Her weeping hurts their ears.
To acknowledge suffering,
The lack of love,
The onslaught of hate,
This is a pain that suffocates.

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