A shining star- my Girl!

A girl all alone,
Having that special bone..
Born in a Fam,
Where girls aren't like boys
was their routine jam!

A girl born when they prayed for a boy,
Do you think they welcomed her with joy?

She aspired,she dreamed
When felt like leftover,
she screamed!
Questioned herself, WHY She?
Magic of that special bone,
you see!

She aimed to be superstar,
All the while,
figuring was she born with some scars?

So many questions left unanswered,
All her dreams,
wishes and plans were vanished and canceled!

She loved to dance;
looking outside windows swallowing the pain,
Restricting her from living her life
was nobody's gain!
Gathered her courage and stepped outside,
That fresh air and mother nature
made her feel alive!

Struggled real hard, followed her passion
Could anyone understand her pain,
even by a fraction?

Years of dedication took her to heights,
She fulfilled her dreams and
now shines so bright!
A girl with civility and heart so pure,
This society could never understand her cure!

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