A Silent Cry

Depression is not an illness,
It's a state of mind that's not your own.
7 billion people in the world,
Yet you feel so deeply alone.
Life seems to hate you,
Nothings gone your way.
You wonder when you sleep,
Will you see another day.
When you hit rock bottom,
There's nowhere else to go
Feeling so all alone,
Crawled into a little hole.
Nothing else matters,
It seems that noone cares.
Just you by yourself,
Trying to cope with the world.
Friends ask "are you okay?",
You reply "yes I'm fine".
If they knew you at all,
They would have seen the signs.
So all alone you suffered,
Wore a fake smile every day.
Coped with the pain all alone,
Until one day it was too late.

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