A Silent Lovers Cry

Through the silence of our love, I feel as if you
can not hear my screaming cry.
You can not see the continuous tears that are
falling from my innocent eyes.
You can not hear the story of revenge that is
ripping my loving heart in two.
Well, how can you see any of that when you fail
to see the imperfections of you?
At night I lay beside you in silence thinking
of a change.
I'd rather stay awake all night thinking, than
going to sleep with madness on my brain.
You lay in that spot snoring, not even blinking one
light brown eye.
How can you not see the big red lights flashing in your
face daily?
How can you ignore your lovers cry?
I pray day in and day out for an angel to walk through
that front door.
I pray for forgiveness upon your aching soul.
I pray whatever has hurt you in the past, doesn't hurt
you anymore.
I love you, no matter how many tears leak from my eyes.
I just want to know, how can you ignore your lovers cry?

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