A Silent Song

Ever since that day,
You cried out a song no one's able to hear...

You're not honest
So, tears just merge with your emotions silently,
Forming a small sea inside

You don't move, days simply just come and go..
Your heart doesn't move, your face simply just makes all kind of "expressions"

You cried out a song no one's able to hear
It said "I had enough.. I'm truly tired of it"
How come you realize it too late..
Is there someone to share this song with?

A new crack appears everytime you put on a mask
Without knowing, your heart had already turned into glass
Since it's easier to pretend to be okay
You put on a role just like those Hollywood stars
As though it's the best way to live

You've walked dragging this falsehood along
Each time your face "moves"
It seems as though you've sunk further and further

Farewell, the honest, oblivious you
The kindness found inside is already expired
Though you still hope for something to change,
or to go back to the way you were

In the heart with no warmth, crouches a sad young kid
But there's no one there to stroke her head
This kid who suffered from the cruel livelihood

You cried out a song no one's able to hear
It said "it's enough.. don't blame yourself"
In this solitude that you've always lived on
You can only keep the song to yourself

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This Poems Story

This poem tells a story of someone who always wears mask in front of people. She/he wears it too much that nothing just feels empty