A Simple Case of Logic

No matter how well I explain it,
However clear and concise I may be,
On a practical level, I think man's mind bedeviled,
Till illusion is all we can see.

The solid Earth we believed we perceive
Is a field of atoms dancing.
Our brains then assemble a vibrational ensemble
With hardly a backward glancing.

We accept the world as it appears,
Yet it can't appear without us.
The mystics all preached it, now the physicists teach it,
And I find no reason to doubt us.

There's nothing objective going on out there,
It all happens to us from within.
God's power so fair, constructs worlds from thin air,
And each morning we do it again.

We are beings of endless, electric potential,
Yet to man's common senses I yield.
For to our forms we are most deferential,
And grasp not the lightning we wield.

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