A Simple Night

a glance, a gesture, an introduction
a joke, a giggle, then a connection
a gaze, a nudge, a pause
a tiny seductive wiggle
a sip, a smirk, a light touch
and then another little giggle
a serious discussion of course ensues,
followed by a digression of what one should do
Intervening interruptions, of course, indeed
but they're no match for wants and for needs.
a banter, a slight and blimey breathe
good points made, but again, digress
a hint of possibility, a chance, a risk, worth taking
a waffling, a consideration, a risk, worth making
a nightly stroll, holding hands
what might happen, it all depends
a kiss, an embrace, a squeeze
and a tickle and a tingle
a pulse, a throb, a wiggle
and a cooing and a commingle
a release, an embrace, a kiss
followed by a series of contractions
a pause, a nudge, a gaze
and a very delicate extraction
a giggle, a joke, a gesture
and a very awkward, good-bye

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