A Single Father’s Angst

Fury fills my body,
From my head down to my toes.
I don't give a shit about you and I don't really care who knows.

You're the one who made your bed,
Now it's time to go to sleep.
Shutting out your voice so I don't have to hear you weep.

You don't seem to understand,
You have a child; no more games.
I'm the parent; The real parent, still it's me everyone blames.

It's been months,
You've been here twice.
Our child barely knows you.
I'm trying to be nice but don't forget the words I told you.

"Time to get your act together,
If not for me, then for our daughter."
You treat her as if she's livestock so I'll treat you like cannon fodder.

My words fly from my mouth,
At a thousand feet per second.
You've never seemed to care no matter how much she has beckoned.

These are my final words,
And I hope you feel the sting.
That's exactly why I left you and you never got the ring.

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