A Single String

Don't do it, foul stranger.
Don't tug that loose thread and forget the danger.
Don't wrap it around your finger and twist,
Or you'll watch as I unwind and cease to exist,
See me as I fade away as if I was just a dream,
Look as black begins to seep from every ripped seam.

You're unraveling me, brutal stranger.
You are my deadly salvation and changer,
The depths of all I am are being released;
I know not a soul who would recognize this inner beast,
But I've never looked more familiar to myself at least.

Thank you for your help, mighty stranger.
My heart is now as unprotected as any babe in a manger,
But I can now be seen without any dread.
My shell of falsity can finally be shed.

Good stranger, oh look how I shine!
But why do all others see me and shy away?
Am I not enough for anyone to wish to be mine?

Confusing stranger, please give me back my strings,
The world looks at me as if I am a bird without wings.

Oh stranger, reweave my mask for I am alone now without it.

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