A Sleep Walk

Routine to walk the roads
couldn't take its turn that night
May be tired,
May be ill-
the latter turned green

Hit the bed, body of bones
Closed eyes hard
Mouth wide open;

Lips begged water
Body leapfrogged soon

Felt the urge of sign boards & horns
over the concrete pavements

Lace tightened
Bag fastened
Lumbered the stairs
Lurched the streets

The pair of legs wanted to caterwaul
when they experienced a hinky pair of feet,
Undeniable, took a U-turn
accelerated beat and face of fern!
screeched halt viewed by only two,
the two of three realms

Intensified feeling of helplessness
A glimmer appeared like a star
Disappeared quickly by a cloud cover-
Distressed, squatted roadside

Blank page made blue
Page turned two.
The leg pair isn't tired or feared yet
after all the bashes it met

Except for the bench on roadside
and the street lamp giving light,
there is none to thank
in my valiant sleepwalk!

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This Poems Story

This poem speaks about the unplanned sleepwalk of the author that gave a valiant experience.