A Small Part of a Big World

There’s a blue paint splotch
On a cement floor
A copper boat
And a toothpick oar

You sail and sail
Until the water falls
Down a flight of stairs
And into a brick wall

Now a narrow street
Leads you nowhere
And giant feet,
With which you share

This big, big world,
Don’t really care
If you were here
Before they were there

You’re a firefly with a broken wing
And you just can’t stay still
Your light shut out in early spring
Because you couldn’t pay the bill

You’re one more pest to those who matter
But you are relentless
I don’t know if that makes it sadder
Or if it is senseless

But I wish I tried as hard as you
Against the odds I face
You just paint all of your roads blue
And sail past the human race

You work with the life you were given
And you never complain
Man frets every moment he is living
I don’t know which one of you is sane

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