A Smile

A smile.
The proof that there is something you believe in.
A positive portrayal of an over active feeling.
A humbling expression that to sad hearts is appealing
The revealing, of a broken spirit that is healing.
A Smile.
The fact that it's contagious is misleading.
'Cause when you look at me you do not see a person cheesing.
You stare right past my eyes like this disguise has little meaning
And I wonder, what exactly is it that you're seeing?
If you're seeing what I'm thinking then my smile disappears
Behind a pretty smile my mind is galvanized by fear.
"If I don't tell him now, then he will never hear.
I want to speak to God, so I better kneel."
I cannot disappoint with consequences this severe.
When you control emotions with the feelings you make clear,
But don't think for a second that this smile isn't real.
It encourages my spirit, for my heart it is a shield
If it's important, it's concealed
A little laughter is ideal
I am His child,
There will be trials
But my smile,
No man can steal.

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