A Soldier

The rows of flags that protrude from the graves
the sacrifices that the gallant and noble have made
The lives or limbs that were lost from war, bombs and booby traps
There are no cowards on the field or in the flag-wrapped body bags

I wish I could wake them from their eternal sleep
And thank them for the ultimate price paid to be free
Or hold the ones who are suffering in this society
And tell them I am grateful for protecting my freedom and liberty

Maybe I'll just speak the words and hope that someone will listen
I say "thank you for your dedication and patriotic decision"
I wish I were there to offer comfort when you felt lost, pain...shame
And assure you that what you did was not in vain

I can imagine how proud you or your family must have felt
When you or they received the medals hanging from that colored felt
To all who served and died or received physical or mental scars
You're not only a soldier; you're better than par; and greater by far
You're our hope for peace, icon of strength, a hero and a shining star

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