A Soldier’s Bride

Always does one wonder
What life holds for thee;
Until he walks the mile and yonder
The pain and suffering that comes to be.

Nobody can foretell the moment -
The line that separates life and death;
For life is all about Peace and War
And death, the pride of one last breath.

But what is this pride
If not a soldier's cry?
Kissing death as one kisses his bride,
Bleeding of warmth as his blood runs dry;

Staring up above at the lofty sky
Tears of farewell stream down his eyes;
Looking at his brother he says Goodbye
For now 'tis the only Truth and no more lies.

Pain and anger, loath and envy
None of that holds any account no more;
For its all forgiven when death draws nigh,
As the eyes searches for the Heaven's Door.

Quenching for some peace at death
As life was all about war;
The soldier draws for one last breath
Exhaling his soul afar.

So often do I inquire why
One needs to wonder and give a sigh;
For life is only a matter of time -
Do not sit idle and let it pass by.

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