A Soldiers Cross

"Standing In The Gap "

Here I am Lord standing in the gap I find myself in need of prayer to see Our Way from the lonely and afraid

No Way of Escape the place I Am

Standing in fear of what the enemy may do I find myself in need of You

Many are dying around every step I take please tell me what shall I say

Tears in my eyes knowing someday I too will lay

Lord I ask you send someone through the prayer lines for what I can not do

Friends and foes I may not know but I call them all before your throne in hopes all will be One

Standing here in the gap A Soldier on bended knee please come save me .

Others too that walk my way swords of the enemy as I pray
Bombs come against the innocent is why we stay

My heart lord I give you this day

Forgive each Lord this day for I stand alone and pray

Send down your Angels for this battle is not mine there is no end in sight oh what shall I do

Help us Father God to trust in you

A good friend of mine back home where it's safe led me to you in hopes all this soon will go away

Lord we both know it's here to stay must I stand or shall I move

What shall I do lord I leave it all to you .I stand in the gap for safety and love to a world of decay

But you Lord are my Savior as I pray
Many here are following the same path what do I say I open to you my soul that is in pain today

Watch over those of the barracks
Keep them safe

lord I promise to pray upon bended knee you are the warrior of the soldiers who stand in the gap of life

Let us hear your voice marching forward to where we pray

I give you thanks dear lord for your angels guidance and give you thanks upon my feet of clay

Standing in the gap between them and you
Your ways are higher than mine

The enemies beneath our feet

Standing awaiting for your Victory sweet ..In Christ Jesus

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Soldiers Cross they Carry in battle thier Sword of The Word of God