A Soldier’s Death

I can feel the blood coursing through my veins
I can feel the hot metal increasing my pain
I can feel my breath coming in and out
I can feel it burning, my last breaths I count
The ground is cold and so very damp
As the men's veins bleed and muscles cramp
The wounds are many as the cries call out
Begging for help yet so full of doubt
The sky is dark and the air is cold
As the rain falls down and warm tears roll
Each warrior lays here as their seconds dwindle
And chances of survival become so little
The surroundings are dark and so very pale
And the cold rain begins to feel like hot hail
We gasp for breath as we lose more blood
With families at home, we lay in this flood
A sea of men. given themselves to this war
Though they fought this brave battle, they'll be at peace once more
The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes
We all shiver as the cold wind bites
The once warm blood has now run cold
No brave honored soldiers with a chance to grow old
The sounds of cries and deafening shots
Will always be heard as these lives are lost

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