A Soldier’s Only Sorrow

Men and Women whether white, brown, or black
Made a promise to defend our nation's flag.
Soldier's of every age, ethnicity, and size,
Shed blood, tears, and put lives on the line.
For what might I ask? Because all most people see,
Is a country full of corruption,
controversy and deceit.
Birthdays, holidays, time soldier's can never regain,
For our country to be filled with conflict and pain?
Wars fought and won, but yet, lives are lost,
Put in horrific situations, but they will never talk.
Soldiers/Veterans fought for the US as a whole,
For all people, they did or didn't know.
And to see American people divided and outraged,
Puts all sacrifices our service members made, in vain.
The American people, losing hope in a better tomorrow,
Well, that my friend, is a soldier's only sorrow.

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