A Solider boy cry’s

Solider boy's cry

A solider boy
Cry's watching his fellow man die
Smell of Gun smoke making sure he don't choke
Praying he get through
Thoughts of home play in his mind
To keep him alive
His mother hold him along with his brother
His wife touch how he miss so much
His son and daughter play on the slide
How he set there and cried
When a solider boy cry

Thought's of a solider
Can't lean on a someone's shoulder
Has to be stronger
He can't go on like this
No longer
Fights for a world
That's keep fighting themselves
He seen so much
Killed a bunch
But he does it cause he love his
Why a solider boy cry's

When a solider boy cry's
Years pass by
He's missed so much
Memories die so he can survive
He never thought it would be his last
When a solider boy died
His family they all cried
Wonder and asking
God why?
A solider boy no longer cries

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