A Son Without A Father

Do you know how many kids grow up without a father?
Almost my entire community
I'm one of the kids who grew up without a father
So I don't know what's it like to have a father-son connection

Never knowing who my father is
Or what he looks like
Brings up questions
Questions Mama don't want to answer
Then I start wondering, if he didn't want me,
Why did he help bring me in this world?
Mama going through hell trying to take care of me
Working 3 jobs, sleepless nights
While Daddy taking care of another family
That might not even be his

My whole life I didn't have anybody
To teach me how to be a man
I learned about manhood as I went along
But that's all right, it's okay
I made it without you, Dad

You could have been there, but you chose not to
So for that, there's no need for an apology
But I do owe you a thanks
For if you had been in my life,
I wouldn't be the man I am today

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