A Songbird’s Serenade

If I could
I'd give you the world
Sprinkled with forget-me-nots
Because you deserve the best.

With Matching rings
We braced the world together
As the wind tore through our hair
And waves nipped at our toes.
We are willow wisps
Floating across a sea
Of tender love
And hardships.

I grab your hand in mine
As we both jump
Drifting toward a sky
Full of dreams.

We’ll travel through a desert
To the clear oasis
To save your parched lips
And kind eyes.
From the doubt
That’s been kindred
In your heart.

You my dear, are all I know with
My web of constructed comforts
Woven together with the tears
We shed the day our vows
Became reality.

Yes my love, together we’ll rise
Two strong pieces chess board
Waiting to battle.
But we will mend the cracks
Stitch the pieces till
Once again we can sing

A stronger and brighter
“I love you.”

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