A Sonnet for Love

such love, such love, such love as this:
bares the glare from which makes eyes stare at stars
with such colors of light that shine best in dark places
beyond the mighty mountains and narrow spaces
by far, its florescence guides thirsty hearts
to life-bearing pools, taking closed eyes upon fools
among the highest rises, and with its deepest depths
awakens beauty among the forgotten beautiful
but yet, such love, such love, such love as this:
can make us sit alone, can make us sit and weep
can make us sit with humanity, as we both sit and sleep
thus not a peep, but the hard lies, soft cries and profound sighs
when death was not the promise of our good-bye
such love, such love, such love as mine

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This Poems Story

I am twenty-four years old. Through high school I never cared for poetry, for it's history, or where the minds and hearts of today choose to take it. But when my father passed away at the young age of fourty-eight. I changed a lot about my life. I found a profound and cathartic release through poetry and the many other branches of the literary tree. And ever since then it has given shelter among the rain. It's bold to say for I have much more to learn. But one day: I hope to be the greatest writer of my generation.