A Soprano to Skies

Casements of skies, so all do gape,
And alight on earth, ho! splendor safe.
Comes that's fire a brook or mount,
As tongues that glow and feel so bound.
A dove that burns or cue that gains,
Comes it down as roaring signs.
Oh! that comes so as a spark,
That fell all inner nooks so dark.
A star so glitters so full be served.

On shouts so shakes it land behold,
A dove all splendor, a tune so bold.
Dwelt in dark a glow perceived,
Shut in abyss a sun conceived.
All the steeds of dark to hell,
And wonder tunes all inner bell.
A power so charged it shields from vice,
A dove of fire it turns so wise.
Stars all hear a word so meek,
That gave the lord to all so weak.

See a furnace smoking great,
A ball of fire it charges bright.
Thorns of dark turn blind behind,
The lamb consoled for lord so kind.
Rains are burning sulphur all,
And fire on valley's wicked goal.
Smokes all go as pillars dark,
Lost on fire all tongues no bark.
Son of slave so raised a nation,
All deserts rejoice no notion.

See the bush, all in a flame,
But not burnt, no fire to claim.
In a glow it shines all world,
Hugs to blossom Lord so gold.
Blows a wind from East all night,
Sea so dried and folk all right.
Set out chariots stubborns all their,
So be drowned, a sea all roar there.
Pillar of clouds, it stood on day,
And that's fire made night so gay.
A man who sees all that so fine,
Keeps his covenant all define.

Verses took, they came all saints,
Glow so well on cross he faints.
On their tongues as world so shrill,
Comes his power, most glorious thrill.
As tune in David's harp of kings,
As song of songs that skies so sing.
As nice a fragrance world so rains,
Thy might ho spread, all skies it reigns.
As offering for peace and that for sins,
Oh Lord! thee rise, thy power all wins.

As my wholeness mother of Earth,
As key word for freedom's birth.
As all thoughts of Lord of hearth,
Thy power ho thrives, that rules all worth.
All, white a dove, it so alights,
And sits on Lord, are all delights.
Thou doeth always keep so wake,
The inner souls in all so quake.

As great a tremor, all festive glee,
Spirit ho comes, we need to plea.
Sing, ho dance so those perceived,
Tongues a thousand speak received.
East and West, so South and North,
Praise the Lord all so come forth.
Break all walls, that's made of rocks,
Dungeons gape their mouths so rocked.

Those witnessed the truth and chained,
All their bonds go break they gained.
Inner fineness, all in glee,
Grow in soul, from vices flee.
Roar as lions, they live for truth,
Won't go back, so die for truth.

Trumpets played and skies not shut,
For those saintly fruits all got.
It's so bright, his mightiness fine,
That behold, no end it shines.
For the broken hearts as cure,
Makes abode the Lord so sure.
For those so hungry, comes a bread,
And antidote cure for sick so dread.
Senses all so filled and shine,
A storm all shaking, blows that's fine.

We see not, all sons, all sons of mud,
That what ho go all so good.
But thee rules as dove so glows,
The glorious wholly man thee glows.
New a world, all skies so new,
Bloom ho smile that all we knew.
All the letters all it owes,
Wheels the chariot, time it owns.
Rules the soul of soul so sweet,
Leads the skies, all worlds we meet.
Open wholly hearts we all,
For the truly verse to call.

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