A sparrow to be

Why can’t she be a bird?
Why can’t she fly away?
If only for today, tomorrow and forever
Free at last
No future, no past…
Oh to be free at last

Her wishes She whispers to the wishing well

Hoping it will hear her and wish her well

But never to return, her wishes are lost
Screaming for life, screaming to be heard
Her only wish, to be a bird
Lost of hope, lost of strength
Why must these wings feel such restraint

Oh wishing well answer her plea

Rescue her from your open seas

Will someone ever save her?
Take this key, Unlock Her cage, just set her free?
Watch over her as the Sparrow she’s always longed to be
She asks, She screams
Why God? Why did You create me to be me?

A girl so full of life
, Dead in spirit, but not in soul

Not one, but two 
Of which she must console

A soul in her heart, and a soul in her stomach

Not only her life, but the fate of another

Hangs in the balance of a young girl not yet ready to be a mother

Give her a reason to live
To live this life you’ve laid out for her
A life so full of pain
Wherever she goes, everyone sees, everyone knows

Everyone believes the rumors told
No longer able to hide the scars
Her cuts too deep
Taking her own life
Leaving only behind her blood stained sheets
One last breath she plans tonight
The tiny plus sign puts everything in a new light

Must both of their stories end this night?

Where to begin? 
The party where her slow decline sped to an end
The dark halls she walks everyday
Remind her of the dark room 
Which held her fate and pending doom

seeing their unmasked faces 

Hearing their unbridled laughs

Why must she pay
For the sins they committed that day.
They took her life
They stole her innocence
Her dream of a family, of being a wife

Taken from her on that fateful night
Raped and torn piece by piece
Left completely broken by untamed beasts

What will should she have to live?

What future should she ever be able to give?

Give to the life thrown at her
 The life never planned

The life she now holds in her own small hands

She can’t let her go, she can’t let her fly
or her baby birds wings are not yet ready to survive

Survive on their own , Completely alone
In a world desperately ready 
To make sure she fails before she has ever flown

So take care of “it” they say
“It” will bring you nothing, Nothing but pain

Reminding you everyday of your constant shame

Becoming your use of blame
So young and full of life they say
Full of a tiny life they are unwilling to save 
A life only God could create
And place in my fate

Baby bird you came too early
You set out to fly prematurely
I loved you so much my little girl
Surrounded by a life full of ashes you were my pearl

But mommy’s life could not survive
through much complications your mama bird had to die

So that her baby bird could finally fly

And live a life her mama couldn’t provide

Always remember the One who died

So He could see His baby bird fly

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