I’m just a splatter of clay shaped like nothing on the workman bench. Jesus took me in His hands
Sprinkled some water on me it was different, I thought I might be molded into a nice plate for eating
Since that was not to be. He began to spin me on this potter’s wheel.

Soon my unshapely form began to slowly rise, and then He took His two thumbs and began to push down on my head until there was a little indentation on my head, oh well I thought briefly that I might be put aside as a mistake, but boy was I wrong.

He placed His two thumbs round my neck and slowly began to squeeze. Oh God, I thought what did I do to have the life squeezed out of me. Really nothing for with all this squeezing and wetting I began to take shape I was going to be a jar useful for something finally He was finished and I was a well-shaped jar.

Ok, I thought what now, there I sat not being used for anything until in mid-afternoon the doors opened wide and the one who had shaped me was taken away.

My type of thinking was this lamb had been lead to slaughter. Here I was a jar type vessel and the lamb was lead to slaughter and they did just that, but I stood firm right where I was and darkness fell over the whole country suddenly the doors burst open it came to some strangers took me down seeing I was empty filled me with the blood of the lamb as the blood was poured into this clay jar it was no longer red as blood I’d been wash white as snow cleansed in the blood of the lamb

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Here I'm just a hunk of clay on a workman's bench then along came this fellow named Jesus and said I'm going to make something useful and the rest of the story you know