A Squirrel's Story

He had put up with it for too long,
And now he thought he would prove everyone wrong.
As a squirrel he was always told,
To lurk in the shadows and never be bold.

Now he ran in the open feeling free,
While everyone else watched, with awe, in the trees.
Suddenly he froze and to move he didn't dare.
From the sky came an eagle, his worst nightmare.

Like a lightning bolt the eagle fell on its new prey,
While the poor squirrel looked up with dismay.
The squirrel said his last good-bye,
And then it happened in a blink of an eye.

He was soaring with the clouds, clamped in claws,
When suddenly the flying came to a pause.
When he looked up he saw a nest of sticks,
That was weaved together in a fix.

Then, in a second, everything went black,
And all that's remembered of the squirrel is an eagle's tasty snack!
Now, this is a message for all the squirrels out there:
Always be careful because the nearest eagle can be anywhere!

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This Poems Story

My name is Kamran Arastu. I'm a ninth grader from Ashburn, Virginia. I'm a big admirer of nature and wildlife. I have a passion for the National Parks of America. I have been to more than half of the National Parks, where I have completed more than sixty-five Junior Ranger programs. I am an avid fan of tennis, which I enjoy, both watching and playing. I love having pets and currently have a corn snake, baby turtles and fish. I have won awards in the First Lego League and the Virginia Science Olympiad Competitions. I hope you enjoy my poem.