A Stairway to Heaven

We all want a Stairway to Heaven, a calm and serene demise,
Have our loved ones beside us, present when we close our eyes.
We all would want soothing music to carry our souls to rest,
And all our hurts forgotten, healed from pains of the past.

We would want prayers and offerings, and lots of love to abound,
We all want a Stairway to Heaven and to bask in the Glory of God.
She had her foibles and her flaws; her heart beat oh so true,
She had her talents and her trials, but always knew what to do.

To her there weren't many strangers; she helped a stray dog or two,
She gave of herself with an open heart and always knew what to do.
She wasn't one much for crying; she took the world in stride,
She wasn't one to complain much, but feelings she seemed to hide.

She had a life of adventures; she laughed and was full of fun!
There were dark days just as well when she threatened to turn and run,
But run she didn't, she stayed the course; a "character" one could say
For she was our Mom, our Ida Belle, and her journey began that day.

She told us that she loved us, we told her, "We'll be fine."
We held her hands and talked to her, we had our Blessed time.
Our Mother had a Stairway to Heaven; yes, all these things and love,
For Ida Belle, she left this Earth high on the wings of doves!

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This Poems Story

I love words! Words described quiet observations of life or nature, a person's sorrow, another's glee, or even a sunbeam, shining on me! Words can hurt, words can heal, words, be sure, are powerful things. In the hospital the last ten days of her life, my mother was moved from room to room and I would notice a pair of doves sitting in her windows. The room she passed away in was said to have a "Stairway to Heaven." Days after her passing, words poured from me and I share them with you. I love words!