A Star In Your Night Sky

I want to be a star in your night sky.
To be your something beautiful will make me truly happy.
Whenever I am around you, I light up bright.
I want to be your duet in a beautiful melody.
I singing to you, and you singing to me is like heaven.
You and I forevermore in perfect harmony.
I want to be the reason you smile.
When you look at me, know that all my love and adornment is for you.
It will give me a feeling of bliss and I know you will feel the same.
I want to be your something special.
Whatever hardships happen in our lives,
we will brighten each other's day with comfort and laughter.
I think of you like no other because my love for you is real.
I want to be your dream.
No matter how far away we are, you will always love me
because I just want to Love you.
No one can make me feel the colors you bring to my life.
I want to be your everything.
I will love you, fight for you, and be your best friend.
Even when we die, our love will shine on for centuries,
like the star light that continues to live on after death.
So let me be a star in your night sky,
so we can love each other until the end.

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