Far out in the shimmering void of bytes’ n bits, communication hung against the backdrop of a new tech. universe. "It was the best of times; it was definitely the worst of grime... With hate-filled, red meat extravaganzas", ‘Uh-OH’ swam across collective mouths.

‘Tweeter than whine’ communiques, was not a waste of time, it spared no one (with its quantity or quality)… it took a ghastly toll – piles of hammered # hashtags. Our 'mouth almighty', born digital, found its way to this new podium doing all things awful on the cyber etch-a-sketch... like exhibiting highly unnatural characteristics; especially embracing a cult of personality disorder in which to surround itself.

An agenda of deception, unfriendliness, and a mean-spirited grind found deplorable applause from the messaging like-minded that grew exponentially. Dynamic drivel, devoured the more intellectual/creative competition with banal and repetitive effluvium… Controls were set for cruise, and politics were non-negotiable. The not so delicate balance and rhythm of this ‘culture bulletin board interaction schemata’ turned ‘ugly values’ into a monster, with an energy of its own…. And a ‘tap dancing 'round the truth’ reflex!

His ‘Swollenness’ twisted further and further away IRL. On the twitter-verse screen the only function now was to promulgate an amalgam of blather-style cramps laced with fragmented crypt o-propaganda, coupled with post-political futurism comments, and what appeared and smelled to be a “Huge, repulsive, quasi-radioactive, spectacularly inept borderline-troglodyte pile of high-density, lowbrow, on your shoe piece of dog shit!”

The turning from ‘atoms to bits’ of unfettered digital imagination brought a new look to politicking… mainly, a look of horror. Plus a stain on the... ‘THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND; THIS LAND IS MY LAND’ welcome mat.

Even if you accept the old adage about ‘comedy being tragedy plus time’, I don’t ever see this kind of governing as a funny ‘ha-ha’ way forward.

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