A State of Delirium

Exisiting in a mere state of delirium
A constant battle of establishing equilibrium
The balance between what's wrong and what's right
In order to decide if I should put up a fight
People think life can be easily figured
A big misconception that is easily triggered
The mind of a simpleton could easily say
"Well that's alright, everything will be okay"
Little do they know that they've got years yet to go
And life's not that easy, it's not something for show
Pretending that the outcome will always be a good one
Is a sure way to know that the work here is not done
So go out ,and let life teach you some lessons
It's a puzzle that you have to piece together on your own
Work hard, and understand that you WILL fail some
But don't be afraid 'cause you won't be alone
We're all on an existential journey
To understand the why, the how and the when
We'll figure it out someday
There's always a means to an end

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