A Steamy Little Poem

I was asked to write a poem that was just steamy
One that could, I suppose,take your mind to the hot and dreamy
So I guess there would be elements of clingy clothes
Maybe discarded items strewn about, some dropped pantyhose
But what about the principles in this little melody
Some hot looking guy in good shape, a tight foxy lady
What would start off the night for this well-matched pair
Except a chilled bottle of champagne, like a perfectly placed snare
To entice someone to a table set for two, on the plate a nice steak
That's been perfectly prepared, with all the care one could take
To make sure the mood is set for a meal that's alluring
For the participants rendering it seductively enduring
So that each taste, each morsel may bring them nearer
With the two edging closer together, as seen in the mirror
When she simply rises, sliding over to his chair
Onto his lap, so she could feed him the last piece there
Splitting the final fragment in slowly drawn-out bliss
Ending in, of course, a slowly delivered kiss

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