A Story About the Sun and Moon

He was the Sun
She was the Moon
Ever since the beginning of time
They sought each other
But alas,
They were never in the same sky but both shone brightly regardless
One lays in a bed sheet of silky sapphire speckled with stars
The other lays in a sea of cerulean covered with clouds
He brought forth beautiful birdsongs
She hailed the howls of wolves
He brought flowers into bloom
She summoned a symphony under the sea
Both created such beauty around the world,
They saw each other's work and sought one another
He stayed out longer in summer to see her,
She stayed out longer in winter to see him
But they could only leave messages for one another,
In the way that they did their work
He brought the most beautiful flowers into bloom for her,
She summoned the most graceful sea creatures for him
But unfortunately, as the last sheet of stars kissed the sky
Was when the sun's cerulean sea rolled in
Each longed for the other,
Despite their duties they must fulfill,
They promised to share the same sky
At least once per year
Some say that they were never supposed to share the same sky, but
When they do,
The sky radiates pure magic

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