A Story – an ABC Poem

All the love and life that was
Breathing through each lung.
Caring for the sweetest lives,
Daring, were the young.
Each and every breath they took
From dawn to night was sung,
Gracing all the trees that shook,
Half-lit through moonlight sprung.
Ill were thoughts bred from tears
Joy had seemed to crush.
Kind was love made from fear -
Laughing proved too much!
Mirages of that one-time place,
Never once suppressed.
Often children look to space;
Poppies blow from west.
Quite true, some may think me wrong,
Risking were the children, with music loud and long.
Striking were the notes I played
That blew out from my song.
Under skies were hopes betrayed,
Virtues cannot subdue.
Whispers of a greater day,
Xenia on her throne did play,
You dreamed, and asked me of a way, where
Zephyrs clear the view.

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