A Story of Being Your Mom

From rolling around,
To bouncing off the walls,
This is a story of being your mom.
Out fits that quit fits,
Carrot kisses and Apple Juice sips,
Diaper toots and stinky poops,
I couldn't do it, if it wasn't you.
Grinning gums and sticky hands,
Stained carpet and full trash cans,
Teary eyes, that tear you up inside,
Shhhh, baby, don't cry.
Slimy clothes and drool down her face,
I'll wait until bed time to clean this place,
Sweet smiles and tiny hugs,
I sure do love my babys love.
Time for a bath, lets get clean!
Making up songs to make it funny,
Dancing around like a dummy,
Because I love being your mommy.
Breaking teeth and can't sleeps,
Let's read you a bed time story!
Tiny kisses on your little head,
As daddy wonders off to put you to bed,
Turning on your lullabys,
With tears in my eyes,
Wondering how this day flew by.

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