A Story of One Night

One luminous night as I headed to bed
I went to check on her
And there she was;knelt down,hands crossed
Softly chanting prayers so as no one could hear.
Prayers to keep her darlings safe
Prayers to keep them happy and awake
Prayers to keep their wishes alive
Prayers to give them enough of life.

As I secretly watched her,I felt weak
I felt weak for her hair was turning gray
And despite of that
She didn't pray to increase her days
She didn't pray to double her joys
She prayed so her darlings
Could have days with sun and bloomed lilies
And night with silver moon and starry skies

She trembled for she knew she'l sooner or later leave
For she knew she could not love them forever.
I shivered for I knew I had not enough time left
For I feared I would not be able to
Return to her,her love,and lost days.

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