A Story to Tell

I seem to be losing more these days than I win
Before a good love can even start it’s reached the end
Friends go more than they stay
There are more bad nights than there are good days
Seems I am destined to walk this world alone
Just can’t make this house into a home!

Once upon a time, I had it all
Nowadays, man how the mighty fall
I not only hit rock bottom, but I also crashed and burned
Now I just chalk it up to life lessons learned
Just wish all this teaching would end
Cause I just don’t know how much more I can bend!

Not sure how much one man can take
I can really feel ready to break
I’ve given up on getting better with time
I’ll never be okay but I’m doing fine
Deep down I know that if you don’t ever go through hell
Then you would never have a story to tell!

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