A Storyteller

Anyone can be a god.
In fact, I am a god
on multiple occasions.
I am a follower of Apollo
and a daughter of Mnemosyne.

My symbols are the inky scratches on paper
and the weight they hold in my heart.
I am a mortal stuck on the Earth Mother
but my scratching will leave a mark,
even if it is only on one soul,
I will make a ripple on the pond
that will never stop moving outward.

As with any god, I have my Muses.
My audiences are captured with Thalia's help
and Calliope gives me the courage
to weave epic quests of endless love,
thus angering Melpomene
who makes my knife drop.
And the story begins anew.

There are many gods like me,
we are an endless race.
Our temples are in every city
and our altars are in every home.
We all have different idols,
which are all bound in paper,
etched with those holy scratches.

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