A Stranger’s Voice

Scared and alone in darkness
She begins to cry not understanding why
As she grabs the blade, her tears flow like a raging river.
Wanting an escape from all her demons within
She tells herself "today's the day I end it all, just one good cut".
She places the blade against her wrist
Building up the courage to make the first cut
She wonders if anyone would miss her
She wonders if anyone would care that she's gone
Her tears begin to fall uncontrollably
Applying a deep steady pressure of the blade to her wrist
She begins to bleed, watching it as it drains from her body
Knowing it's too late to stop
Scared and alone in darkness
She begins to fade away
She hears an unfamiliar voice in the distance
"My sweet girl, it is not your time to leave this world"
Confused she asked the voice "who are you?"
The voice replies "I am God"
She tells him she's so scared and alone
He says "my sweet girl it's okay to be scared sometimes.
But you must remember you are never alone, I am always with you"
She awakens to a bright light no longer scared and alone
No longer facing the darkness or her demons alone.

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