A Struggle

I feel like this is the end of me,
it's so hard to breath.
I don't feel comfortable in my own skin,
I don't rush because I'll never win.
I'm been beaten and battered,
my heart has been shattered.
I'm so sick of living in this place,
I feel I'm just a waste of space.
I regret so much almost every thing,
I wanna be tough but I can't grow my wings.
God please at my time take me,
the devil has no place for thee.
I cut to release all of this mental anguish,
but my body burns with no flames to be extinguished.
So many thoughts race through my head,
as I toss and turn in my bed.
Restless night have become a norm,
I wish I could be with the birds and solar.
I'm not ready to die,
death is truly a fear of mine.
Dad was gone mom tried her hardest,
but deep inside something inside of me started to garnish.
Hate anger and sadness,
so lonely and a such a mess.
My deepest fears started to become me,
there I was an animal who needed to run free.

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