A Stupid Mistake

I was the one who didn't believe in love;
As for me, It was so tough.
Then I met you;
Wherever and whatever I see,
It started to feel like new.
Never ever I felt like that!
Yeah! My feelings were growing for you
And that's the fact.
Oh! Then I finally made you mine.
Every corner of my heart started to shine!
For the world, we were the perfect pair.
But then I came to know you were a liar!
You left me as if I was nothing;
I wish if you could remember something.
That day you just broke me into pieces,
Now my heart cries out loud;
As the recollection of memory increases.
That was the day, I realised-
The world is such fake.
It'll keep giving you hopes,
Until you make a mistake!
Hard to believe,
But no one is true.
Now my heart says not to love anyone
And again create a issue!

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