A Substitute Emotion

A Substitute Emotion

Loss, threat, rejection
a heart-mind inflection
of pain’s normal auto-correction
to Anger!

unpleasant Aroma found and drowned
in that second-hand emotion!
in one motion of a sweeping hand
comes that potent potion, anger’s harsh stand
against the brutal enemy found – Ah! Pain

Refrain from that horrid emotion
No, please not that - in isolation! Bring me a stronger concoction!
A natural salve to ease the effect of misunderstandings, mal-assumptions, misinterpretations
bring me a stiff dose of Hostility, please
so that I can bring pain to its very knees
and quickly serve me, a target on which to strike with ease!
to sever, to squeeze – to Satisfy
that Substitute Emotion

Guards! take that primary emotion from my sight!
for I had rather not feel, but fight
to replace with that distraction
a means to select another faction –
rather than focus on me, alone
and hide from reality a bit longer
for when hostile, I find vulnerabilities song
temporarily vanish
banished, gone

so, screen me in the fire and smoke of
false righteousness, false power
so I can but linger, but another hour
in a wicked crusade to punish what has made
my heart bleed!
Justify my need
and allow me the sweet seduction
the greed to hoard my unjustified anger
for some semblance of self-esteem
a just dessert, of control and power
anything that will save me from the hour
of pain, helplessness, vulnerability

Would I rather die of its deceitful complications?
Ah, Yes! Than feel that turmoil
that might still the heart, ease the breast
to lie to myself, to give me rest
an isolation, and island of my choice
where I can attempt a shelter from that steady rain
and any whisper of vulnerability, any hint
of pain

-William Wesley

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This Poems Story

Instead of dealing with the feeling of vulnerability, helplessness, pain - Enter Anger as a disingenuous imposter, a dangerous distraction from the real issues we face