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Problems of Politics in Nigeria;

If a Nation gets everything right but it's Politics wrong then everything is wrong. Because politics is about leadership and governance.

And the foundation to getting politics right is accountability.

Governance is about service to the people; which will not be achieved successfully without accountability. Hence;

Public office holders must be accountable to the people; it is like answerability.
A politician should be able to answer the people. And it curtail answerability through democracy. Because;

Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. So it is about the people not about the leader. The leader must radically subject his/her self to public accountability.

On this note;
The two cerebral politicians delebrated that before Nigeria can be a better country free from any form of corruption and mismanagement of the county. The following problems must be strictly corrected extensively and intensively;

1. Ethnicity/Tribalism
2. Religious Factor
3. Cash
4. Federalism
5. High rate of Corruption in the country
6. Poor generation and supply of electricity
7. Unemployment
8. Poor Investment in health factor
9. Industrialization and
10. Insecurity.

In context; not until these problem are controlled, corrected intensively and extensively Nigeria will continue to revolve around a circle.

I pray God in his infinite mercy Help our leaders, direct and change them for good to always do things right as well as we the citizens. Amen!

Matthew Emmanuel Igelle
Twitter: @emmanson18
I.g: i-am-emmanson

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This article pivoted the major problems facing Nigeria.. the black most populous country in the world.