A Sweet Delusion

A Sweet Delusion

I saw the sky’s sun rise that morning, and spoke of its beauty
She said it was twelve-0-one, and that is was not morning at all
And the moon, said I - such a beautiful disc in the heavens last night!
No, she said – actually, a sphere and one that in lives in space
I revisited the sunshine – with its diamonds sparkling upon the water’s rippled surface,
And the vesper’s that climbed like swirling spirits over the wave’s facade
She corrected me a final time – diamonds would actually sink, and therefore not shimmer
And the surface was effected only of wind, not spirits
I mourned at the space growing between us, the difference in our spirits, and love’s facade
Our diamond, still very much in the rough,
Remaining uncut, fell finally into the ocean’s blackened depths
I thought to plunge in and seek it
But a sad sanity prevailed, for the effort would take my breath - and my very life
I reached down, grasped a handful of sand, let in run softly through my fingers
The sand could have been melted, I ventured - molded, formed into a cathedral’s faceted, glass window
She said I was crazy – that it was just cheap, common sand – pallid and pale
A final look into those amazing, beautiful, blue, sparkling - yet empty stained glass eyes!
I closed my own. I sighed and in that exhale,
felt my both the heart and it’s once sweet illusion

-William Wesley

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Key Words : love,perception,beauty,misunderstanding,distance,death

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    This Poems Story

    Attempt to capture the imaginative vs unimaginative soul - and how 2 persons can see the very same thing but result in drastically different perceptions. How this often is the basis for many misunderstandings, and often ultimately the death of many potentially beautiful relationships...