A Tale of a Cookie

Once there was a cookie, a shade beyond black
A tad too burnt to make a yummy snack
He was the runt of the litter, so to speak
Lacking chocolate chips, but no one cared
Everyone saw him as a peculiar freak
And a prime example of how life wasn’t fair

After his peers had been eaten, Cookie grew mad
‘How outrageous! I'm so lonely,’ he thought
‘If I can make a friend, then I’ll be glad’
Somebody to eat him was what Cookie sought
Over the edge of the tray, Cookie tumbled
He braced himself for the pain on his butt
He heard a giant stomach starting to rumble
And down he went, in the mouth of a mutt

Cookie dodged the tongue, wet, pink and slimy
When he reached the stomach, he thought, “Oh blimey!”
He explored the dog's insides, large and small
But suddenly came a change of events
Cookie smelled a sewer, then a long fall...
*This part’s been removed due to its contents*

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