A Teacher? Not Me!

One day my students asked me,
Is a teacher what you always wanted to be?
I said:A teacher? Not me!
Then they asked, What did you want to be?
I said, I wanted to be like you all!,
I wanted to play football!
I wanted to make it, to be a pro;
I wanted to make lots of dough.
Then, what happened? They asked me.
I said, I was too slow and not as big as a tree.
Then how did a teacher you become to be?
I said, Well in college I got out of forestry,
Changed my major and got a teaching degree.
Then they asked me, Do you enjoy teaching kids?
I replied:Yes, but parents make me want to put on the skids!
The students I like just fine,
But not laws, like No Child Left Behind.
I even like some kids who act like turds,
Just like some of our state leg-i-slat-ures.
Nowadays, you cannot teach your best,
Because we have too many state tests.
First there was TAAS, and now there is TAKS.
If too many students fail, it breaks the teachers' backs.
So how many of you kids think teaching is for thee?
They all said in unison:A teacher? Not me!

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